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Get paid to develop, learn, and expand your current skills. Prepare for your transition into a new marketing career by connecting with experienced professionals from the same industry.


Advancing as SDR is Problematic

All too common that SDRs aren't offered career advancement and end up stagnating in their roles. Studies show that of all SDRs recently advanced into account executives, 40% are fired within the first year for poor performance (Bridge Group, a B2B sales agency).

According to the same report done by the Bridge Group, ⅓ of entry-level SDR’s fail to hit their quota.

What you need is time to develop new skills

SDRs are quick to learn the tools and skills required for a new job (2-4 weeks), but that is usually where it ends. Employers often don't provide the time or resources to help you continue learn and develop new skills. You end up spending years in the same role, without having the time to develop a skillset needed to pursue opportunities for advancement.

We help you get a leg up on competition

What if you could constantly learn new transferable skills that position you perfectly for any marketing position that become available?

Keetro Club provides such training. Specifically:

Skill Advancement

Take on projects that help you learn new transferable skills

Real Marketing Projects

Gain experience in Growth Marketing activities

Network Support

Build your network through fellow Keetro Club members

Alternative Career

Forge your own career path

SDR's top 5 Skills:

You might not realize it, but you already have a ton of skills that are in high demand, especially in a growth marketing career.


Growth Marketer top 5 Skills

But what would happen if you added several more skills to your toolbox?


Beat the SDR Funnel, Start a Marketing Career

With Keetro Club, SDRs have an opportunity to learn new skills, help our mission of expanding in-person events, and find an alternative career opportunity in marketing.

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