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If you’re not satisfied with the current trajectory of your SDR career, it's time to do something about it. You can wait for the dream opportunity that may never come... Or be proactive and give yourself a chance to grow and thrive.

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The Problem of Traditional SDR Career

With Keetro Club, SDRs have an opportunity to 1) learn new skills, 2) help our mission of expanding in-person events, and 3) find an alternative career opportunity in marketing.

Why join us?

Is your career is at a standstill with no available pathways for advancement?

We have another way forward...

“If you want them to stay longer, you’ve got to give them a career path. What they really want is not a new title; they want new skills to add to their resume.”
- Trish Bertuzzi, President & Chief Strategist, The Bridge Group.

Marketing Skills

Get paid to learn on your own time. Get experience other entry level marketing candidates won't have had the benefit of. Develop toolbox of skills that will be useful for decades

Grow Together

It is easier to start on your marketing career path with other industry professionals who are going through the same career transition. Build your network while you transition into new career

Financial Compensation

On-the-job training makes Keetro Club a great deal. Take on projects that put money in your pocket and boost your resume. Earn money working on low-risk, remote opportunities

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This fee helps maintain our non-profit by covering administrative costs.

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Learn how to best leverage our gigs for both learning and supplemental income


Gain Access to Industry Leaders

"I have been running a marketing automation firm for more than 20 years. One of the challenges for our new hires is learning all the modern skills and technologies. provides exactly that kind of training."

An unbeatable group of advisors with marketing leadership backgrounds, committed to seeing members succeed.

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Mike Holt

Mike Holt

CEO, IO Integration, 3 Times World Champion (Racing Interviews)

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