We exist to help you:
• Work on paid projects that teach high-demand skills
• Gain transferable experience in Growth Marketing activities
• Build a network of Keetro Club members and mentors
• Forge a more fulfilling career path

Our Origins
Keetro Club was created to fill the need we saw for high-quality marketing training for sales professionals. Our own experiences had shown us how many SDRs were stagnating in their careers. Our goal was to forge a new path where ambitious sales professionals could bolster their marketing credentials and take their career to the next level. Keetro is a place where we can learn from each other and escape the traditional pitfalls of being an SDR.



Keetro.org is based on win-win dynamic. It's not a marketing agency - all activities are meant to benefit the members. Keetro Club is all about giving each growth associate opportunities for professional and personal growth, rather than earning profit for an owner.

In-person Connections

Through professional events and networking opportunities, Keetro.org seeks to resolve the issues of isolation created by the abundance of technology in our modern world. Keetro Club members work at promoting and propagating these events through various marketing mechanisms.

Offering SDRs a Marketing Career Path

SDRs play a critical role in every company. They are ambassador to every brand. However, it has become all too common that SDRs aren't offered career advancement and end up stagnating in their roles. Competition for roles as an SDR manager or account executive are fierce. Studies show that of all SDRs recently advanced into account executives, 40% are fired within the first year for poor performance (see Bridge Group study).


Our advisors are industry experts when it comes to Marketing/Sales through Data and Automation

Pavel Dmitriev
Pavel Dmitriev
VP of Data Science, Outreach.io
Segah Mir
Segah Mir
Owner, MirData.Report
Mike Holt IOIntegration
Mike Holt
CEO, IOIntegration